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craig padilla

Being of Light

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About craig padilla


Craig Padilla is an internationally celebrated and award-winning electronic music artist (and video producer). After more than two decades of performing live and recording his own music using many vintage analog and newer digital synthesizers, his style reflects the classic electronic musicians of the past, while finding new sound and music styles that are unique to the true ambient electronic music genre (often found in categories from New Age to Trance to Electronica).

His music and creative environment is inspired and influenced by the lands surrounding Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where he once resided, and by his earliest influences of being raised in far-northern California where he resides again, where he first explored the works of Wendy Carlos, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Steve Roach, and many other pioneers of the electronic form.

Never letting technology overcome the humanity in his compositions, he creates electronic music that is rooted in tradition while still sounding new, interesting, and fresh.

Craig has always endeavored to paint musical landscapes with a rich palette of infinite timbral complexity, guaranteeing to take the audience to a different place on each listen, making every disc a recording that is a highly sculpted, crafted musical experience to be treasured and played indefinitely.

He has composed soundtracks for various television, theatrical, and film productions. His music is heard on XM Satellite Radio and radio stations throughout the US, and on celebrated radio programs “Echoes” and “Hearts of Space” repeatedly. He is a top-selling established artist on the Spotted Peccary Music label and has appeared on releases on the Lotuspike, Fruits de Mer Records, Groove Records, Space for Music, Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync, and Ultimae labels.

Craig plays: 

Synthrotek/MST & Division 6 Modular Synthesizer
Mattson Mini Modular
Division 6 / Mattson Sequencer
Akai MPC Live
Moog Little Phatty
Moog Voyager
Mooger Fooger’s MF107 & CP251
ARP 2600 Synthesizer
ARP 2600 Sequencer
ARP Axxe
ARP 2500 Sequencer Modules
Roland JP8080
Roland SynthPlus-10
Roland SH-32
Roland U220
Dave Smith MoPho
Dave Smith Prophet08
Sequential Circuits Pro-One
Novation UltraNova
Korg EA1
Ensoniq ESQ-1
Ensoniq Mirage Sampler
Yamaha TG-33
Alesis QuadraSynth Plus
Emu UltraProteus
Reason and Atmosphere soft-synths




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News & Updates

1.8.16 HEAVEN CONDENSED is released and available on CD now!

7.15.15 We are down to the LAST REMAINING CDs of VOSTOK, GENESIS, and PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE. I'm told by the label that this is all that's remaining of these releases with no future plans of re-releasing them on CD!! (ON NO!!) So, get your CDs now before they're gone for good.


6.18.15 WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE!! Please support the artist by buying music directly from the artist. Your support is greatly appreciated.


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Being of Light (with Howard Givens)

Seasoned veterans of the ambient and deep-experiential forms of electronic music, Howard Givens and Craig Padilla continue their soul-searching quest to express a symbiosis of music with contemplative self-examination and enlightenment on their second collaboration, BEING OF LIGHT.

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