Echo System (with Paul Ellis)

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Echo System (with Paul Ellis)

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Two electronic artists from the western US, Craig Padilla and Paul Ellis, join forces to create 72 minutes of enjoyable electronic music. ECHO SYSTEM is clearly inspired by the classic 70’s electronic synth masters (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, etc.) However, rather than simply imitating the pioneers, Padilla and Ellis draw inspitration from them, infusing their own distinct styles, and adding depth and interest to an all too often two-dimensional musical form. Craig and Paul spent two years fine-tuning ECHO SYSTEM, and it is sure to appeal to long time fans of electronic music. Definitely a must for fans of Padilla or Ellis’ previous works, and a great introduction to those discovering either of them for the first time.


This is an import CD from Groove in the Netherlands, so we only have a very limited supply in stock.

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1. Echo System
2. Windy Plains
3. Writing on Water
4. Shanti
5. Shadowlands
6. Everybody's Sky
7. Death of an ARP