Path of Least Resistance (with Zero Ohms) LAST AVAILABLE COPIES!


Path of Least Resistance (with Zero Ohms) LAST AVAILABLE COPIES!


VERY LIMITED STOCK. These are the last copies of this album, and when they're all gone then they're gone for good! For the first time anywhere, the LOTUSPIKE label has released a new CD featuring
a collaboration between Craig Padilla and Zero Ohms. This cinematic album is
titled “PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE” and has been worked and reworked for quite a while.
A year in the making, it features soaring synthesizer soundscapes and melodies
with worldly (and “out-of-this-worldly”) flutes and other wind-instruments. This CD
will be the album that fans of the space music genre will be talking about for a long time!

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1. Leaving This Shadow of Heaven (A. Final Farewells / B. Ignition & Acceleration / C. The Infinite Void) – 12:17
2. The Everything That Is No Thing – 8:42
3. Hollow Dreams of Worlds Passed – 8:11
4. Realizing the Infinite – 4:42
5. Frequencies [of Life] (A. Dawning Realization / B. Frequencies Received / C. Just Like Home) – 10:55
6. The One – 8:40
7. Path of Least Resistance – 8:19