The Heart of the Soul


The Heart of the Soul

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Finalist - ZMR Music Award - Best Electronic Album 2012

Craig Padilla is a veteran electronic music artist, who has been launching listeners into his cosmic dreamscapes for nearly 20 years. His absorbing ambient sound pairs analog and digital synthesizers to create worlds of sound that are fascinating and full of creative spark. THE HEART OF THE SOUL is a very dreamy album, offering slow-burning synth-based melodies that are accentuated by the relaxed strumming of guitar and the gentle twinkle of piano. Whereas a lot of ambient albums have a spacey theme to them, Padilla’s work here is more earthy and organic, calling to mind warm sunshine and vast horizons. At times, the music has symphonic undertones and rhythms are subtle, often blending into the backdrop. Fans of warmer-hued ambient music will find this musical journey a truly breathtaking experience.

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"this is a phenomenal album... Get. This. Disc." - Hypnagogue

"I honestly could not be more impressed with this masterpiece Craig Padilla has created" - Music & Media Focus

"another wonderful journey" - Star's End

"There are ample sonic surprises unfurling at any given moment" - Progression Magazine

"an emotionally intense album of delicate, romantic electronica" - Morpheus Music Reviews

A highly melodic and rhythmic work, sonically envisioning the intimate exploration into one’s self-discovery through both faith and love. Being somewhat romantic in tone, this beautiful work never loses its balance or purpose, delivering an incredibly organic, fulfilling, heart-felt experience. A follow-up to Craig Padilla’s acclaimed electronic Album of the Year, award-winning Below The Mountain.

Craig Padilla returns with his first solo album in four years. The Heart Of The Soul is a marriage of tender romanticism and the intensity of electronic music that results in a heartfelt blend of gentle piano melodies, pulsing analog sequences and the classic synth explorations that have come to define Craig Padilla’s releases over the past fifteen years.

As the title would suggest, The Heart of The Soul is a deeply contemplative work; an intimate musical expression of personal connections through faith, love, trust and kindness. Padilla elaborates, “This music was created during a series of major life-changing events that I was experiencing. I had taken a new path in my life, focusing on my work, my kids, myself, and choosing to be surrounded by only positive people and things. This led to a deeper appreciation of the love in my own life, both within myself and in the world around me.”

Inspired by this deep connection and rediscovery of love in his world, Craig was driven to create the music that would eventually become The Heart Of The Soul. “I felt an incredible desire to make music, it was more intense than I had ever felt before.” Padilla explains, “The process happened so quickly, and I was feeling an emotional vibration so strongly that I had no choice but to express it in the form of music.”

Look down the list of track titles, and it becomes clear that The Heart Of The Soul is certainly infused with an atmosphere of romance, and while the album does indeed offer its share of tender moments, they only serve to enhance the depth and warmth of the electronic music — lending heart and soul, as it were, to the machines. As Craig puts it, “What makes this project unique is that it has romantic and natural passages played on familiar instruments like piano, drums, and an occasional guitar, and mixes those more traditional sounds with beautiful, celestial, and hypnotic tonalities that could only be created with a synthesizer. It’s a combination that one doesn’t hear all that often.”

To be sure, this passion-driven “Electromantic” blend marks a key moment in Craig Padilla’s prolific career as an electronic musician. He has touched on something very special with this release. Not only has he created an incredibly organic, honest and fulfilling listening experience that never loses its balance or purpose; he has also gone much deeper, exploring the compelling topic of love — a topic that at its core affects each and every one of us more than any other force we know.


1. You Were Here
2. Sense Of Wonder
3. Angel In My Eyes
4. Heart Of The Soul
5. Lost In You
6. New Directions
7. Spirit Signs
8. Sensual Beauty
9. Midnight Encounter
10. Divine Embrace